Julian gallegos
I just want to thank pastor Brad , for showing me there’s a better way of of life, and a father that loves unconditional and forgave me the day I ask, before I came to beacons of Grace. I felt like my life was over, I used and drank heavy. Was a womanizer , I was a mess, till one day I was homeless in down town Dallas, and these guys came up to me and said you done living like your living, because we have what you need, and that was Jesus, when pastor Brad can to pick me up, I said I wasn’t ready, pastor said yes you are let’s go so I went, LoL and thank God I went. I feel a few times, but I got down a prayed for strengthen guidance most of all forgiveness , I’m doing fantastic I’m engaged, iwe have a house in Fort Worth TXU, a fantastic job, and best of all he sent me a fantastic, wonderful Christian moment . 2 dogs biscuit and peanut they are Beautiful labrador retrievers, I just want to thank y’all for turning my life around, and showing me a better way of life with Jesus Christ / p.s love you becons of grace, and one day Braley I will see you in haven and I can tell you how much you’re Dad & MOM help change my life. Rest In Peace baby girl ( love you guys ). Julian Gallegos
Jackie James
When I lived in Quinlan I use to stop and by produce from the guys. I am in a Prison Ministry and I have also been to prison. I now tell my story about how GOD changed my life and he can do it for you!!! You have a Wonderful Ministry going and I hope to see y'all soon.
My sister n law bought a Cross and it had y'all info. on the back! What a wonderful way to pass on God's word!
Mike Kennedy
I sure do like what you are doing and the Spirit that you do it end. I' going to try to help you. I'll stay in touch.
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